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Commercial Wallpapering Installation and Removal

Commercial wallpapering

When it comes to commercial wallpapering, it's best to hire a local painting contractor to get the work done. In the Belleville, NJ area, the name to depend on for commercial wallpapering is Armin Painting and Wallpapering LLC.

In addition to commercial wallpapering, we specialize in other commercial painting services. Whether it's updating the look of your office building, retail store, medical center, or another business, we're happy to accept both large and small-scale projects.

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Commercial Wallpaper Removal

You may not know that there are different types of wallpaper, and there are different adhesives that act differently when you try to remove it from the walls. Sometimes it will neatly peel off the walls in wide strips or large sheets while at times it's almost impossible to remove without damaging the wall surface a little.

It isn't easy to remove it all when it's been stuck on for ages without completely ruining the drywall or plaster surface underneath. In situations like this, the wallpaper removal process needs to be done very carefully. It can be a lot of hard work to get it off.

If we can't get the wallpaper removal done without a little wall damage, no one can. Either way, our commercial wallpapering experts can help you get a modern new look for your business that's customized to your unique interior design.

Commercial Wallpaper Installation

If there's no way to avoid surface damage during the removal, we can repair the plaster or drywall surface to make sure it's smooth again. This step will help to ensure that the results look professional and flawless.

Once we've completed this part of the project and the surface is properly prepared, we apply a durable quality primer and paint color of your choice unless you'd like a new wallpaper installation. We can always help you with commercial painting as well.

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