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Are You Looking for a Painting Contractor in Newark?

Commercial interior painting

Our Newark painting contractors can save you time and effort. Painting and sealing the surfaces of your Newark home will add needed protection to the materials underneath the paint, but it takes time to get a project done. Without help, the exterior or interior painting can take longer than the time you have to give.

Your time off work is valuable. Wouldn't you rather be spending time with the family over the weekends instead of misplacing everyone during a project you try to complete yourself? Let us know if we can help.

Exterior Painting

Likewise, exterior painting takes effort and time to complete. If this much-needed seal against natural elements is gone, your home will start degrading. The wood will rot quicker, and mold and mildew will have a place to take hold.

You'll soon end up with more expense than you would if you had repainted. If you've been thinking about doing the project yourself, you may want to consider hiring our painting contractors instead.


Not only is wallpapering time-consuming for the inexperienced, but it is also something that will create a mess that you have to live with until your project gets finished. You'll have equipment spread out and will be stressed to try to get the work completed over a few days.

The opposite is true with professional painting contractors; your project could get finished much quicker. Let us come and look at your wallpaper or discuss a new installation and give you a professional quote.

Commercial Painting

As a Newark business owner, you'll need to be sure your commercial painting contractor is skilled and reputable. A good reputation means professional results were achieved for others.

Sloppy or inexperienced Newark painting contractors won't maintain a business for long, so longevity is also an important consideration. Armin Painting and Wallpapering LLC checks off all your boxes. Let's talk about your needs today!

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Wallpapering, Primer, Commercial Grade Vinyl Wallpaper in Newark, NJ

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