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The Painting Contractor in Kearny That You Can Trust

Interior painting

Hiring someone for your painting project isn't always easy; it's simply hard to know who to trust. You need a Kearny painting contractor who will do the work within your budget and on time. It's especially true if you own a commercial or industrial business where time lost is money lost.

Armin Painting and Wallpapering LLC offers expert residential and commercial painting services in Kearny. Our painting contractors also provide wallpapering for businesses and homeowners. We can help you complete your interior or exterior painting project within the budget and on time. Call to let us know if it's time to get an estimate and free consultation!

Interior Painting

Working with interior painting professionals like us will save you many hours and all the hassle of displacing your family or home during the process. The less you and your family have to deal with, the better for you all. Our house painters can take the hard work off your shoulders so that you can enjoy your free time with your family instead.

Exterior Painting

When you look for projects that you need to do, take a look at the surfaces of your home and check for fading or peeling paint. In our area of the nation, we need to ensure that the outside surfaces stay protected from the constant winds that contain salt and sand.

This action scours the surfaces and causes paint to wear off quicker. Repainting will seal the exterior once again and will serve to protect one of your most significant assets from wear and damage. Exterior painting is the key to protecting your beautiful home from the elements of our climate.


Do you feel as if you're stuck with the old wallpaper in your house? Don't worry about a thing; just call our local Kearny painting contractors for professional wallpaper removal service. We take care to remove the wallpaper to minimize the chance of drywall damage. We also offer expert wallpaper installation in the local area.

Commercial Painting

Commercial and industrial painting professionals can be hard to find. From industrial painting to large scale commercial and office repainting projects in Kearny, our local experts are skilled in a wide variety of applications and processes. We can safely complete painting and finishing throughout your entire facility.

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If you are looking for a professional Kearny painting contractor, please call us today at 973-460-2963, or complete our online request form.